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This service is only for Belgians registered at a Belgian Embassy.

As from October 28th 2011, Belgian passports delivered by the Belgian Embassy in Singapore will meet new European security standards. On the one hand, they will integrate the digital fingerprints of their holder, on the other hand the passport photographs used must meet stricter quality standards than before.

How to apply for a new passport?

For adults and children (6 years onwards)

Come personally to the Embassy (minors must be accompanied by a parent) by ppointment only, during opening hours with:

  1. application form for adults and children older than 6 year,
  2. original current passport (if you are applying because your current passport has been stolen or lost, you must bring along the police report),
  3. parent’s passport for children,
  4. a copy of your resident's permit in Singapore,
  5. payment of the consular fee.

You no longer have to bring a photo to apply for a passport. The photo is taken directly at the embassy or consulate so that it meets stricter international criteria than previously. 

When you apply, you will have to provide 4 types of information, which will be integrated into the passport:

  1. your identity and nationality
  2. your fingerprints (as of age 12)
  3. a photograph, that will be taken on site
  4. your signature

The process for inputting biometric data is very fast. It takes just a few minutes to take your photo and fingerprints.  

Processing time is 7 to 10 working days. We will inform you when your new passport has arrived.

For children less than 6 years old

Children under the age of six do not have to be present in person to apply. 

One of the parents has to come to the embassy by appointment only, during opening hours with:

  1. application form for children younger than 6 years,
  2. parents current passports,
  3. child’s current passport,
  4. two recent photographs conform the ICAO regulations*,
  5. a copy of the child's residence permit in Singapore,
  6. payment of the consular fees.

Processing time is 7 to 10 working days. We will inform you when the new passport has arrived.

* The passport-style photo must be taken from the front, be recent and of impeccable quality. Format 45x35mm. The size of the face must be between 25 mm minimum and 35 mm maximum, hair included. The background must be a uniform, light colour (white, light grey, light yellow, light blue) with no shadows or gradations!

Important general information

  • Singapore and most other Asian countries require a 6 MONTHS VALIDITY of the passport to enter the country. In other words, you will not be allowed to board the plane or later enter the country if your passport is not valid for at least 6 months after the date of your arrival. It is therefore important that you renew your passport in time in order to avoid any problems upon arrival or departure from Singapore.
  • Belgian passports reaching the date of expiry cannot be extended and must be renewed.
  • No matter what age, all Belgians must each have their own travel document. 
  • You have lost your passport or it has been stolen? Follow these instructions.
  • On this page FAQ passport, you will find all the information about the Belgian passport

Emergency passport

Our Embassy can, under certain conditions, issue a temporary passport to help you. This temporary passport is valid for a limited period and does not allow travel in all countries in the same way as the standard passport.

Attention: the conditions for obtaining a temporary passport are very strict and it is only issued in exceptional circumstances. 

Documents to submit for an emergency passport:

  1. application form in French or Dutch,
  2. two recent passport photographs conform the ICAO regulations (ci-dessus),
  3. payment of the consular fees.

Processing time will be dependent on the urgency. 

If you lose your passport in Singapore, must immediately report the loss at any Singaporean police station. Once you have received your emergency passport, you must report to at the Visitors Service Center of the Police in Kallang.  See more information on the website of Immigration Singapore.

Compensation for a defective passport

Due to a production defect in your passport, your trip could not take place as planned and as a result you believe that you have suffered damages because:

  • you had to postpone your departure or cancel your trip
  • you were forced to stay abroad while waiting for a new passport
  • you had to interrupt your trip and return home

In this case, you can submit a request for financial compensation to FPS Foreign Affairs for the damages suffered.

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