Registration of marriage

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With effect from 25 September 2023, the Registry of Marriages in Singapore will provide digital certificates of marriage. 

  • For new marriages: After your solemnizer registers your marriage online, you will receive your digital certificate of marriage (as password-protected PDF) via email.
  • For existing marriages solemnized in Singapore: You must apply online for a duplicate of your marriage certificate. It is a digital copy/extract of marriage certificate that the applicant will receive via email. 

To register your marriage, solemnized in Singapore, at the Embassy, following documents are required:

  • copy of passport of both partners,
  • registration form for the non-Belgian partner. The registration of his/her personal data in our register makes it possible to contact the family in case of emergency, however it does not give him/her access to the consular services.
  • original (extract of the) marriage certificate legalized with apostille, issued less than 1 year ago,
  • original certificate of civil status for the non-Belgian partner, issued by his/her national authorities (or Embassy, High Commission in Singapore).  When the document is issued abroad, follow the instructions for legalizations on the Foreign Affairs website.


The procedure to obtain an (extract of the) marriage certificate legalized with apostille is as follows:

1.  a) When your marriage was solemnized from 25 September 2023 onwards: you will have received your digital certificate of marriage (as password-protected PDF) via email. Print out the certificate.

1. b) When your marriage was solemnized before 25 September 2023  OR when your marriage certificate was issued longer than 1 year ago OR when your original marriage certificate is laminated:

Apply online for a duplicate of your marriage certificate, the original Marriage Certificate is for you own records, please keep it a safe place.

Apply for the duplicate at the Registry of Marriages (ROM) here or at the Registry of Muslim Marriages (ROMM) here

When your marriage certificate is laminated, you will first need to apply online for a new duplicate. We do not accept (photo)copied documents with the apostille attached to it.

2. This printed marriage certificate needs to be legalized with apostille by the Singapore Academy of Law (SAL). 

Singapore Academy of Law
1 Coleman Street #08-06 The Adelphi, Singapore 179803
Tel: +65 6332 4388

Further legalization by the Embassy is not required.

3. The attestation of civil status of your foreign spouse is necessary for the registration of your marriage.  The basic condition for the marriage means that he/she must no(t) (longer) be married. For Belgians as of 11/03/2023 you can no(t) (longer) be in a cohabitating relationship (in case you want to get married to a person other then the one you have a cohabiting relationship with).

4.The Embassy will then register your marriage in the Belgian Population Register. This might take up to two working days. After registration is completed, all original documents will be returned to you. A copy will be kept in your file.

The Embassy strongly advises you to transcribe the marriage certificate in the Civil Status Registers in Belgium. This will allow you to, in the future, apply for an extract of the marriage certificate at your commune in Belgium. When transcription was not done, the extract will always need to be obtained from the competent Singaporean Authorities, which can be difficult after leaving Singapore. More information can be found on this page. Documents used to transcribe your certificate in the Civil Status Registers need to be submitted within 6 months after issue date.

When you are not registered with our Embassy, or your marriage was not solemnized in Singapore, kindly contact us via email for more information.