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Message from H.E. Ms Colette Taquet.
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Ambassador Taquet

After 2 years spent in Singapore, I would like to share with you my enthusiasm about being ambassador of Belgium in Singapore. This part of the world drives the world economy and gives a new definition to modernity. It is a fascinating observation post for geopolitics. My agenda is focused on the transformation of our economies: digitalization, climatic transition, and new technologies.

I hope to use my previous experiences as Head of mission in Poland, Lebanon, and Cyprus to serve well the interest of our Belgian community which counts around 1400 persons. And I take this opportunity to thank them for their contribution to the excellent bilateral relations that exist between Belgium and Singapore.

Belgium is a federal country. This characteristic also shows in its external representation. Over the years my country developed a unique system of promotion of the trade and investments interests through its regions: Flanders, Wallonia, and the region of Brussels. Remarkably, Flanders, Wallonia and the Brussels region have representatives here in Singapore competent for the City State and beyond for various Asian countries. All located at the same address, 79 Robinson Road, we operate in coordination and search for the best possible synergies to reach our common objective: promoting Belgian companies and Belgium, and all the aspects of the national interest.

Ever since the establishment of diplomatic ties in 1966, Belgium and Singapore have enjoyed a close relationship in a wide range of areas—politically, economically, and culturally. Our people-to-people ties have also been strong. Many Belgians made decisive professional experience in the city state and call Singapore home. Many Belgians also made a difference in the landscape of Singapore and contributed to its growth and …to the international reputation of Belgium. BLAS, the Belgium Luxemburg Association in Singapore serves as a welcoming umbrella for the newcomers and proposes a rich program of activities all around the year, for members of all ages.

Our consular section, famous for its efficiency, caters for the administrative needs of all members of the Belgian community. We encourage the Belgians present in Singapore to register in the Embassy and regularly consult our website. It provides them with a lot of information and useful links to our activities and other opportunities. The consulate delivers in a record time visa for the many travelers and businesspeople, and students interested to visit our beautiful country!

Just like Belgium is a hub for trade and logistic for the European market, Singapore plays this role for Southeast Asia and the region beyond. The Belgium Luxemburg Chamber of Commerce (BLCC) welcomes a great diversity of Belgian and non- Belgian companies who are thriving using Singapore as regional hubs overseeing the region. It is in our Embassy’s missions to continue to support their dedicated efforts, hand in hand with the representatives of the regions and the BLCC.

I believe people-to-people exchanges will flourish with the resumption in April 2024 of a direct flight between Singapore and Brussels, after a suspension of 20 years. I sincerely hope that we could further deepen our mutual understanding and friendship between Belgium and Singapore.

The Embassy of Belgium is committed to further advancing Belgian-Singapore relations, and we look forward to closely working with you to this end.

Colette TAQUET
Ambassador of Belgium to Singapore