Embassy of Belgium in Singapore

Who's who

Embassy of Belgium in Singapore

  • H.E. Andy DETAILLE, Ambassador
  • Mr. Christophe LECHAT, Deputy Head of Mission and Consul
  • Ms. Lyna JAMBARI, Secretary to the Ambassador
  • Mr. Steven LI, Administrative Assistant
  • Mrs. Honorine PONCE, Consular Officer
  • Mrs. Kim NALY, Accountant and Administrative Assistant
  • Mrs. Olivia GOVAERTS, Consular Officer
  • Mrs. Michèle DE HAES, Consular Officer

Honorary Consulate of Belgium in Brunei Darussalam

Mr. David Kenneth DAVIES, Honorary Consul

N°. 6, Simpang 545, 
Kampong Dato Gandi, Jalan Kota Batu 
Bandar Seri Bagawan BD1717 
Brunei Darussalam 
Tel.: +(673) 27.87.058 / 27.87.059 / 27.87.060 
Fax: +(673) 27.87.094

Belgium's Honorary Consuls are rarely Belgian citizens. They do not always speak our official languages and they usually have their own professional activities. They serve as Honorary Consul on a voluntary basis and receive no remuneration for doing so. When necessary, they pass certain matters on to the Belgian Embassy or Career Consulate to which they report.   

Flanders Investment & Trade Agency

  • Ms. Nathalie SURMONT, Trade & Investment Counsellor
  • Mr. Ralph MOREAU, Economic and Commercial Attaché (Technology)
  • Mrs. Irene GAN Wei Leng, Senior Market Analyst

Same location as the Embassy

Tel.: +(65) 6227 3997 
Fax: +(65) 6227 7349 
Email: Singapore@fitagency.com
Website: www.flandersinvestmentandtrade.com  

Trade Office of Brussels 

  • Mr. Rudi MERTENS, Trade & Investment Counsellor
  • Ms. Bella HARDI, Business Officer

51 Goldhill Plaza #21-11/12 
Singapore 308900

Tel.: +(65) 6251 0079 
Fax: +(65) 6251 1596 
Email: singapore@hub.brussels
Website: http://hub.brussels/en/ 


Wallonia Investment & Trade Agency

  • Mrs. Edith MAYEUX, Trade & Investment Counsellor

541 Orchard Road #09-01, Liat Towers 
Singapore 238881

Mobile: +(65) 9271 3420
Email: singapore@awex-wallonia.com or singapour@awex-wallonia.com or e.mayeux@awex-wallonia.com
Website: www.investinwallonia.com


Federal Police Liaison Office 

Mr. Pascal WAUTELET, Police Chief Commissioner, Liaison Officer 
Mr. Frank KERPENTIER, Assistant Liaison Officer

Based in Bangkok

Tel.: (66) (0) 2 679 54 56 
Fax: (66) (0) 2 679 54 57 
Email: cgi.lo.thailand@police.belgium.eu

Belgian Luxembourg Business Group (BLBG) 

The Belgian & Luxembourg Business Group (BLBG, www.blbg.org.sg) is the assocation of Belgian and Luxembourg businesses in Singapore. 

Belgian Luxembourg Association of Singapore (BLAS) 

The Belgian Luxembourg Association of Singapore (BLAS, www.blas.org.sg) is the social association of the people of Belgium and Luxembourg in Singapore.