Consular registration

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Registration in the consular population register of the Embassy is not compulsory but offers you similar administrative services as offered by municipalities in Belgium:

The Embassy can assist you for example with:

When your file is up to date, the Embassy will be able to assist you more easily, even  when you need urgent emergency assistance (f.e. in case of accidents, disasters, evacuations, etc).  

Privacy statement in 


Belgian citizens only:

  • who are not registered in a municipality in Belgium
  • who have their main residence in Singapore

Tourists, students and other Belgians who do not qualify for registration are still welcome to inform the Embassy of their presence by registering their travels on Travellers Online. This will allow the FPS Foreign Affairs to inform and support you when necessary. Your contact details will remain confidential at all times.


Personally at the Belgian consulate or online via e-Consul.

You have access to eConsul if you: 

  • are Belgian
  • are not (or no longer) registered in a Belgian municipality, because you have reported your departure abroad to this municipality 
  • have a valid and activated Belgian eID
  • know your PIN code and are in possession of a card reader. 

Or you make an appointment at the Embassy and come personally with following documents for each family member:

  1. registration form for each adult and for each minor, duly filled in, dated and signed. Both parents sign the form for the minor.
  2. registration form for the elections for the Belgians abroad and the proxy form, if applicable,
  3. proof of your residential address (rental agreement, utility bill, etc),
  4. original and photocopy of your Singapore residence permit (employment pass, dependant’s pass, S pass, LTVP,…),
  5. passport and photocopy. When you or your family member hold another nationality, photocopy of the foreign passport.
  6. Belgian identity card and photocopy,
  7. registration of non-Belgian family members living at your address. The registration of his/her personal data in our register makes it possible to contact the family in case of emergency, however it does not give him/her access to the consular services.

Remark: An application for renewal of your passport or identity card cannot be submitted before the registration has been completed in the National registry.


On the FPS Foreign Affairs website you will find all the forms for Belgian nationals abroad.

Keep the Embassy updated!

Once you have registered, please alert the Embassy of:

  • each change of address within one month by means of a form (see above) and justified by the necessary proof (certificate of the local administration, invoice electricity/water or rental agreement);
  • any change in your own civil status or that of members of your family, by submitting an original excerpt from the relevant document, e.g. marriage certificate, divorce certificate, birth certificate, adoption certificate or name change deed);
  • any change in the composition of your household;
  • any change of nationality by means of an authentic document/certificate issued by the national  competent authority;
  • your wish to alter your voting method if you have been registered as a voter.

Once you are registered, please inform the Embassy of any changes to keep your data up to date in the national registry.

Each renewal of your residence permit will also need to be rendered.

Leaving Singapore

When returning to Belgium you must report to your municipal authorities within 8 working days. When you move to another country (for which a different Belgian consulate is responsible), it is in your best interest to register with the new Belgian consulate. Your file will be automatically available to your new consular post once your registration is completed. Please inform the Belgian Embassy in Singapore of your departure.

You can find more detailed information regarding relocation to Belgium or to another country at the federal portal site